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It is known that hypnotherapy is very successful in helping people break the smoking habit.

Smoking is not just an addiction to nicotine but an addiction to the habit. Hypnotherapy will help you break those associations and habit patterns IF you are really ready to stop. 94% of clients who use hypnosis and are committed to stop smoking  DO give up.

Over the years that people smoke, the feeling that they can not do day-to-day things, like have a tea or coffee, or a drink, make a phone call or a decision without a cigarette is compounded over and over with every cigarette they smoke.

Hypnosis will give you the understanding, the confidence and motivation and the self-belief that you need to break the habit pattern.

Sue uses very motivational hypnosis with her clients. She helps them turn their problems into goals.  

Hypnotherapy can help you to change your way of doing things and seeing things.  It will help you turn all the time and mental and physical energy you have spent in the past on smoking, into an  ability to achieve new things in your life with a positive outlook.

Sue has a very high success rate with those of her clients who want to give up smoking.

Her husband died of lung cancer and it is very clear to her that there are no benefits in smoking but many many in giving up.

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