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We may have all suffered with a level of depression at some stage in our lives depending on our environments and our physiology.

We do not always recognise the symptoms of depression until it has really altered our outlook on life.   The symptoms may start with a loss of interest and enjoyment, or a loss of activity, reduced energy. There may be a sense of reduced concentration or reduced self-esteem and confidence.  Or feelings of guilt and unworthiness, disturbed sleep, a pessimistic view of the future or even a diminished appetite.


A person with depression may lack motivation, be able to keep on top of their lives, work, cleaning, tidying etc. Often the combination of the lack of sleep, procrastination and the clutter they live with stops them from enjoying life. It may affect their libido or interest in their partners or their family and friends. They just feel safer and more relaxed when they are alone. For many these feelings and behaviours can creep up on us.


Those suffering with Chronic Depression may store ideas of self harm and have a great sense of despair.  A seriously depressed person is often not able to communicate or relate to the people who are important in their lives.  They feel disassociated from reality. They may even change in physical appearance as they are not able to project their personality or power.

Depression may be endogenous, come from within, or be a personality trait or learned behaviour.  It could even be triggered by food intolerance, alcohol or substance abuse or an anxiety disorder. It can also be seasonal.

Hypnotherapy will help the client to have a greater sense of motivation, self-belief, energy and optimism.    You will find you have more ability to get things done and take control of your life again.  You will feel fitter and more energetic.

Anti-depressants and psychotherapy can mean long term dependency for many. 


The wonderful thing about hypnotherapy is that it can help long-term sufferers, without any of the damaging side effects.  It is unthreatening and extremely comforting and allows people to find the brighter side of themselves.  They can feel as if they are coming out of the darkness into the light.

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