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Many people suffer from phobias and fears. We are all born with two basic fears – the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. 

These are built into our self-preservation instinct and keep us safe.  As we grow up some of us develop other fears, which can seem irrational and disproportionate to our general way of thinking and approach to life.   These fears could be fears of birds or animals or insects, they could be fears of heights or darkness, they could be fears of hospitals, needles, exams or fears of driving or flying  or large shopping malls.

There may not be any obvious or apparent reason for these fears, but they can control our everyday lives and stop us being able to enjoy life and relaxing with other people.  Many people get embarrassed about their fears or they dread the feelings they get if they have to address those fears in public.  This is known as the ‘fear of fear’, which can be worse than the fear itself.

Hypnotherapy can provide extremely effective help for fears and phobias because the underlying theme of hypnosis is calmness confidence and relaxation.  It can teach you how to relax and face up to the fear in a confidence and calm way.   


Through hypnosis you take yourself back to the time when the phobia/fear first developed and get it into perspective and proportion, and then teach yourself to respond in a different way to the feared object or situation.

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