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Weight issues are very much tied up with the emotions and it would seem that many people tend to eat more than their body wants or needs as they get older.

Generally if the average person ate a balanced healthy diet and took regular exercise she/he should be able to maintain their ideal body weight.


Many people eat between meals if they are bored, lonely, need a break etc.  This pattern of behaviour then becomes a habit which is difficult to break because people then feel they need those snacks to sustain themselves. Being overweight can make a lot of people feel very tired and lethargic and less inclined to take exercise.   As the weight goes on many people find they feel uncomfortable and guilty.  They then find their clothes don’t fit and they need to go up a size and it is very easy to get into a negative state of mind.

Hypnotherapy can help you break that pattern of behaviour and that longstanding association with food.  Through hypnosis you will get the motivation to eat more healthily, eat less but enjoy it more.  You feel motivated to take more exercise and drink more water.

At Candela, the weight loss through hypnosis programme is based on giving the client a greater sense of well-being, self-confidence and a good self-image.  The client is then encouraged to work towards the good self-image, always seeing themselves as being their ideal size and ideal weight, therefore only eating for a person of that size.  You will feel happier and more positive because you will be progressing towards a new way of life and achieving your goals.

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