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Regression is used a lot in hypnotherapy to help clients go back through their own present lives in order to heal inner conflicts and fears.

This may be done, by encouraging the client to journey back through his/her life to a time when a problem, a fear or a phobia first started.  They will then be encouraged to relive the feelings that they experienced then and get those feelings into perspective by thinking about how they would deal with them in the present time. 


Regression is often known as hypno-analysis and is very powerful and therapeutic.


Past Life Regression intrigues most of us by the stories we have heard or read about, when a person can be regressed to another time in history and take on the personality and knowledge of another character.  Often the facts given by the past life character will be very detailed and seemingly accurate and there is no explanation as to how or why the hypnotic subject would have that information.

There is no way of proving whether the past lives are real unless they have researchable features.  Even if it is only considered that the past lives are symbolic the life that is experienced will take on an emotional reality that  allows the healing of the presenting issues to take place. 


Often what the client sees in a past life is like a parallel of what is happening for them in this life.


It is an extremely good therapy for clients who feel that they are drawn  into unwanted patterns of behaviour or relationships.


The work done in Past Life Regression can be very profound and moving for the client and will have a lasting impact that can facilitate 

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