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Our behaviour and our feelings about ourselves, is often based on the way we are treated by the people who are important in our lives.  If we are living in difficult or unhappy circumstances, or have grown up in a harsh environment, or have been bullied or abused in some way it can have a profound affect on our self-esteem. Over time, we can develop very negative feelings and have low expectations of how we should be treated and what we can expect from life.

Fear of failure for some can be extremely immobilising emotional condition.  People can fear that they will not be able to accomplish anything because they may feel that have failed at things in the past. We can become victims of past programming.

Self-esteem may also suffer from the way in which people perceive themselves physically. Some people may view themselves as not good enough and always expect to pull the short straw.

It is known that what the mind can conceive it can achieve and hypnotherapy will give you a greater sense of self-belief, a greater sense of self-reliance and acceptance.  It will give you more confidence about who you are and the way you take up space.

Hypnotherapy will allow you to access the higher part of you, which knows that you have that ability, that driving force that you were born with.  From the moment you were born, this is the force that helped to survive and learn things for  yourself.  The therapy is extremely motivational and will help you identify your own strengths and weaknesses in a clear and objective way.  It will help you tap into your creativity and your driving force. It will give you strength and motivation to be the person you want to be.

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