In order to make hypnosis available to all, Sue runs regular workshops according to demand. These can accommodate up to ten people. Whilst focusing on the main issue in hand she will always incorporate an element of confidence building and self belief and Self-Hypnosis. The price will range from £15-£20 per workshop and the duration an hour and a half to two hours depending on topic.


These workshops are run from the Henley practice. Workshops can be organised in Chelsea or your own premises. Different charges will apply.

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Sleep is the foundation of good health, fulfillment and productivity.


Many people do not get the quality or quanity of sleep they need.


In this workshop I will help you reframe your attitude to bedtime and sleep,if you have the expectation of getting a bad night's sleep. 

I will teach you how to relax mentally, physically and emotionally. I will also teach you Self-Hypnosis which is a very empowering tool.

One 2 hour workshop. Cost £20.

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There are many reasons why we may procrastinate. These could be; lack of quality sleep, depression, the consequences of major life changing events. It could even be the environment we are working or living in.


In this workshop:


I will help you identify your reasons for procrastinating,

Reframe your thinking,

Set your goals,

Achieve a positive outcome.


Two 2 hour workshops. Cost £20 per session.

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Exam Focus
Self Hypnosis

This workshop is aimed at students who have difficulty focusing during exam periods. The aim is to reassure students in their ability to perform under stress and in their capability to retain large amounts of information.


These courses are generally run during school holidays and half terms.


Two 90 minute workshops. Cost £15 per session.

Self hypnosis is a very empowering tool that can be taught to everyone.

It will help you find a place of peace and contentment inside yourself, sleep better and feel more  relaxed  in many areas of your life.


This can be taught in one session and you will be given a complimentary CD to reinforce your learnings.


Two hour session including CD. Cost £30.

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