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August 20, 2014

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I have never considered myself to be overweight. I am quite small and have never been more than a size 10 yet I was beginning to feel uncomfortable in my skin – my body. 


My beautiful border Collie, Ruskin, died a few years ago and I was not doing very much walking as I work from home.  My social life is very busy and often centered around social gatherings or pubs where everyone would be drinking alcohol. My daughter had left home and I realized that I was becoming more sedentary  even though I have a very full life.


I live in a town centre, which is known to have high levels of particulates in the atmosphere, and my breathing was becoming difficult. Some days I did not think I would be able to walk very far at all.  My Father had died suddenly at the age of 49years even though he looked very slim and fit, so I went to see some specialists in case it was a hereditary heart problem.  The outcome was that my lungs were not functioning properly and I was not expelling carbon dioxide. It was suggested that I should use a breathing apparatus at night which I could not get on with at all.  I was not totally convinced that the diagnosis was correct as I am generally quite active – I work full time, go rowing once a week, sailing a few times a year, and do a lot of manual and physical things around the house and garden. It was the walking and the shortness of breath I got when I did walk,  that was the problem.


My daughter had said to me many times that she thought I was allergic to something. Possibly the sulfites in wine or possibly diary products.  I decided that I should do an elimination diet but realized I might need the help of a nutritionist to keep me on track.


Then I heard about the Synergy Microbiome Purify Plan. As a clinical hypnotherapist, I was interested to learn more about the Microbiome.  I successfully help a lot of people with IBS.  Hypnotherapy has been recognized by NICE as one of the most efficacious treatments for this debilitating problem. It has been known for a long time that we have stem cells in the gut, and they are very reactive. The gut is often called the SECOND BRAIN.


I heard that a local physical trainer was promoting the Synergy plan and was helping people get very good results. I spoke to her and then I went to a talk she gave about the microbiome.


So what is the MICROBIOME  -  The human microbiome is made up of bacteria and other microbial material that live on and inside of us. We have trillions of these microbes. We contain more microbial DNA than human DNA.

The microbiome consists of all of the bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses that live in and on the human body. The microbiome exists in certain parts of  the body. There is gut microbiome, skin microbiome and vaginal microbiome. Each are structurally distinct and play a different role within their niche.

Microbiome composition and health is affected by factors that include diet, stress, geography, and ancestral background. Each of  these different microbiomes play an important role in key bodily functions like digestion, immune response and brain health.


I became totally fascinated and decided to give the programme a go. It involved cutting out dairy, wheat, starch and sugar, plus coffee, tea and alcohol. The programme included a variety of supplements to cleanse and purify the gut. These kept me feeling nourished and able to let go of cravings for cups of tea, glasses of wine, toast, potatoes.


In the first week I ate a healthy diet of meat, fish and fruit and vegetables plus the supplements and lots of water.  I felt absolutely fine as it was the sort of food I like, and I made sure my fridge was stocked up with goodness.  I was beginning to feel really very healthy and energized.


The second week there was less food but I had a very satisfying shake at breakfast and lunchtime. Then a light healthy meal in the evening.  I felt fine.  I was socializing but not drinking alcohol and even going in a restaurant for meals was not difficult. Some of my friends were a bit cynical but I did not mind as I was feeling really good. Waking up with lots of energy. Getting things done. Making things happen.


The third week I was back on a healthy eating regime with delicious breakfasts and salads for lunch and supper.  I was feeling even better.  I had dropped at least a dress size and could get my size 8 clothes on. I felt 15 years younger and people were noticing how healthy I was looking. Many commented on my skin and eyes. Even I, could see the improvement and was enjoying the clearness of mind.


I felt so good that I have just carried on with the eating plan.  It is not a diet. I have had a glass wine with food if socialising. Still drinking lots of water and making good choices.  I have had a little bit of sugar but – no cravings or the sense of low blood sugar.  I think the secret is eating good quality food. Not too much and with lots of green vegetables.

I am so impressed with the Synergy Purify programme that I am telling my friends and some of my clients about it.


I have already learned a lot about the MICROBIOME.  If you would like to know more about it or the SYNERGY PURIFY PROGRAMME Please contact me and I can share it with you.

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