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The Power of Expectation and the Placebo

August 20, 2014

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Many people become very fearful with the thought of examinations looming. whether they be practical demonstrations of competence or written academic testing. They are often a big stepping stone in our lives, or careers or sense of self.


Anxious people are often very bright people who tend to have very vivid imaginations and they can visualise or get a sense of how they might feel on the day of the exam They will feel the fear in them and remember physical sensations in their bodies. 


When we are fearful andrenaline and cortisol rush into our bodies. Mild anxiety might give us a knot in the stomach or a tightness in the chest. More severe anxiety may give us the initial feeling plus a sense of shakiness,  numbness or blankness. Some will say they are paralysed by fear. Others will say they cannot think straight.  Many people expect that when they are in the exam situation their mind will go blank. They will forget all their learnings and be unable to write. Some might say 'it is as if a blind or curtain had been drawn across'.


The underlying them of hypnotherapy is calmness confidence and relaxation, coupled with self belief and good expectation. Hypnotherapist want their clients to have a positive expectation and successful outcome.


So in the process of hypnotherapy Sue Turner will talk to her clients, listen to their thoughts and fears. She will explain what is happening to them in terms of their senses and their feelings of being in control.  She will teach them how to relax and find their inner peace. How to listen to their intuitive thoughts and expect to be able to tap into the information they require. This is called Performance Rehearsal and is used by a lot of successful sports people, business people, actors etc. It works.


She will also talk to her clients about the capacity of the brain and how to revise and remember the salient points. She will get them to remember their best achievements and how that made them feel. 


Believe in yourself.  If you can conceive you will achieve.



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