Hypnosis for Children


Children love the idea of magic and tricks and hypnotherapy is usually very appealing to them.  

A lot of children have feelings of insecurity whether it is they are too big, too small, too clever or too slow.  As children grow at different rates physically and mentally, they can feel very vulnerable when they see their childhood friends seemingly moving onward and upward faster than they think they are themselves.

Hypnotherapy can instil in children a wonderful sense of self-worth, self-belief which gives them the realisation that they can achieve anything they want to achieve.


There are many children’s issues which can be helped by hypnosis. Anxiety, self- confidence, self-belief, esteem, bed-wetting, nail-biting, thumb-sucking, sleep disorders and night anxiety, and eating disorders.

Memory enhancement, exam nerves and dyslexia can also be helped by boosting a child’s belief in their ability to thrive and succeed. Sue is also trained in Emotional Freedom Therapy, which is known to be extremely beneficial with dyslexia.

A child can generally be relaxed by using a form of guided visualisation to help them feel very safe and comfortable. When they are in this state of relaxation it is then possible to anchor positive feelings in them, which they can call on when they need them.



The work is always done in a warm and friendly environment and the emphasis is always on making the treatment fun, enjoyable and empowering.

Parents are invited to be part of the therapy and to learn relaxation techniques to encourage positive feelings of calmness in the child.

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